Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Round Glass dining tables with beveled edges for that added elegance

As far as glass dining tables go, round glass dining tables with beveled edges seem to be the most popular choice among most people. Having beveled edges does increase the prize a bit but you have to admit that the style it provides is worth the prize. Having beveled edges are not the only reason they are popular among people who are looking to buy, so let’s take a look at few more reasons why they are popular.
Round means equality, well it doesn’t necessarily mean that but you find it much easier to be part of the group when you are seated around a round table. It could be having coffee with your buddies at office or it could be having dinner with your family or it could be just discussing some office matter with your office friends and on each of these occasions I find that round tables created the best possible environment. The feeling of togetherness and the relative ease of maintaining a glass dining table makes it a favorite in office environments.
Also glass dining table provides the opportunity to add more style to the table with a beautiful and elegant looking stand. I’m not saying that you can’t add elegant looking stand to a rectangular dining table but if you have shopped for stands you would have surely noticed that there are many choices and patterns for round glass dining tables.
Another important thing is that round tables are easy to fit into almost any environment. Only time they become a problem is when you want to align it with a wall or cupboard or something similar. Since we are talking about dining tables it is very clear that you are not going to align it with a wall, so round dining table fits nicely into your dining room.
And as I mentioned before beveled edges looks so much nicer in round glass dining tables, so to round things up below are the reasons for round glass dining table becoming popular.
• The feeling of being part of the team when you are around a round table
• The opportunity to add stands of different shape and style
• Because round table fits perfectly for dining rooms
• Because beveled edges looks so much better in round glass dining table

Saturday, October 10, 2009

How to maintain a Glass dining table

In the previous article I talked about why Glass dining table are so popular among people and one of the reasons I gave was that it is far easier to maintain than normal wooden dining tables. It is true in the sense that it won’t leave any marks from gravy spills etc but there are some downsides of using a glass surface as well. The biggest of them all being if you scratch the surface it will be permanent. If it’s a wooden table a coat of varnish or paint can solve the problem but not so with glass surfaces. You wouldn’t want to replace the glass every time you scratch it so the best option is to prevent it from getting scratched. Let’s take a look at few things that you can do avoid this.
Cover it with a transparent cloth – Covering it with a normal table cloth sort of take outs the validity in having a glass table so your best option is to cover it with a transparent cloth. Personal I don’t like to do this, there is something about the coolness of glass that makes you feel relaxed when you get in contact with it and putting a cloth over the surface blunts that feeling. That is my personal opinion though and a transparent cloth is the cheapest and the easiest way to go as well.
Use table mats and coasters – Table mats and coasters are a good way to protect your glass surface but it is a great way to add some color and style to your glass dining table as well. Amazon has wide variety of coasters and table mats and there are plenty of them that are perfect for glass dining tables as well. I especially liked the glass coasters where you can embed pictures and if you are into the latest futuristic stuff the LED color changing coaster might be of interest to you.
Use quality glass cleaners and sponge or a soft cloth to clean your dining table – Obviously you need to use a quality glass cleaner to keep the gloss of your table. Also make sure to use a soft cloth because otherwise you might get scratches. A sponge is the best thing to use when you are cleaning a glass surface.

Glass dining tables , Why are they so popular ?

When you are looking to buy a dining table one thing you can be sure to find in any furniture shop is a glass dining table. That is the case here in Sri Lanka but I'm pretty sure that is the case in anywhere around the globe. There is something about them that ticks every check box when you are looking for dining tables. I'm sure there are many reasons for this but I will list down some of the reasons why I think they are very popular.
Timeless design and never out of fashion - Even the simplest looking glass dining tables have something about them that catches people's eyes. With glass tables of different styles and shapes coming out every day you might think that we are past the days of the simple plain looking glass tables but let me assure you they still have place in your dining room , otherwise furniture shops want be selling them by the dozens.
Easier to maintain - You want be needing table clothes for glass dining tables and it is far easier to clean a glass surface than a wooden surface. You want get patches from spilled gravy and you don't have to worry about the paint coming for when you are cleaning a glass surface.
Fits into almost any environment – I’m sure you must have already seeing plenty of glass dining tables and one great thing about them is they never look out of place and blends in with almost any environment. I guess that is one advantage of not having a color. As I mentioned before in the article glass dining tables now come in different shapes and styles but also as colored glass. So if you are looking for a black surface or any color that suits your home you are more than likely to find them.
Relatively inexpensive and easier to maintain – Glass dining tables are relatively inexpensive compare to other dining tables. Obviously it will cost you more if you go for a beveled edge table with pattern on the glass but a relatively plain one even with a beveled edge can be far less expensive. Although a minor thing the beveled edge does make your glass dining table stand out and adds color to you dining room.
There you have it, those are the reasons I think glass dining tables are so popular among everybody, can think of another reason ? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.