Saturday, October 10, 2009

Glass dining tables , Why are they so popular ?

When you are looking to buy a dining table one thing you can be sure to find in any furniture shop is a glass dining table. That is the case here in Sri Lanka but I'm pretty sure that is the case in anywhere around the globe. There is something about them that ticks every check box when you are looking for dining tables. I'm sure there are many reasons for this but I will list down some of the reasons why I think they are very popular.
Timeless design and never out of fashion - Even the simplest looking glass dining tables have something about them that catches people's eyes. With glass tables of different styles and shapes coming out every day you might think that we are past the days of the simple plain looking glass tables but let me assure you they still have place in your dining room , otherwise furniture shops want be selling them by the dozens.
Easier to maintain - You want be needing table clothes for glass dining tables and it is far easier to clean a glass surface than a wooden surface. You want get patches from spilled gravy and you don't have to worry about the paint coming for when you are cleaning a glass surface.
Fits into almost any environment – I’m sure you must have already seeing plenty of glass dining tables and one great thing about them is they never look out of place and blends in with almost any environment. I guess that is one advantage of not having a color. As I mentioned before in the article glass dining tables now come in different shapes and styles but also as colored glass. So if you are looking for a black surface or any color that suits your home you are more than likely to find them.
Relatively inexpensive and easier to maintain – Glass dining tables are relatively inexpensive compare to other dining tables. Obviously it will cost you more if you go for a beveled edge table with pattern on the glass but a relatively plain one even with a beveled edge can be far less expensive. Although a minor thing the beveled edge does make your glass dining table stand out and adds color to you dining room.
There you have it, those are the reasons I think glass dining tables are so popular among everybody, can think of another reason ? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


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