Saturday, October 10, 2009

How to maintain a Glass dining table

In the previous article I talked about why Glass dining table are so popular among people and one of the reasons I gave was that it is far easier to maintain than normal wooden dining tables. It is true in the sense that it won’t leave any marks from gravy spills etc but there are some downsides of using a glass surface as well. The biggest of them all being if you scratch the surface it will be permanent. If it’s a wooden table a coat of varnish or paint can solve the problem but not so with glass surfaces. You wouldn’t want to replace the glass every time you scratch it so the best option is to prevent it from getting scratched. Let’s take a look at few things that you can do avoid this.
Cover it with a transparent cloth – Covering it with a normal table cloth sort of take outs the validity in having a glass table so your best option is to cover it with a transparent cloth. Personal I don’t like to do this, there is something about the coolness of glass that makes you feel relaxed when you get in contact with it and putting a cloth over the surface blunts that feeling. That is my personal opinion though and a transparent cloth is the cheapest and the easiest way to go as well.
Use table mats and coasters – Table mats and coasters are a good way to protect your glass surface but it is a great way to add some color and style to your glass dining table as well. Amazon has wide variety of coasters and table mats and there are plenty of them that are perfect for glass dining tables as well. I especially liked the glass coasters where you can embed pictures and if you are into the latest futuristic stuff the LED color changing coaster might be of interest to you.
Use quality glass cleaners and sponge or a soft cloth to clean your dining table – Obviously you need to use a quality glass cleaner to keep the gloss of your table. Also make sure to use a soft cloth because otherwise you might get scratches. A sponge is the best thing to use when you are cleaning a glass surface.

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